Spoooon! A review of The Tick Series.

Larger than "larger than life," and bluer than any blue, the Tick (Patrick Warburton) is one superhero that you can't miss — even if you tried to.

Originally an animated show, The Tick is a parody of the superhero genre. Though he is immensely strong and invulnerable, he lacks the intellect to go with it. In fact, one would think he doesn't have any intellect at all.

He is joined on his unintentional adventures by his sidekick Arthur (David Burke). A simple accountant by profession, Arthur's dream has always been to become a superhero, and when the Tick comes along, he gets that chance.

Arthur doesn't have a superhero name, but his powers are based on a moth, and he often gets mistaken for a bunny. His character is the antithesis of all sidekicks: he is nervous, jittery and anxious. Then there are other superheroes and supervillains ranging from the ridiculous to the insane (case in point, the villain called "The Mad Bomber Who Bombs At Midnight").

Overall, the show is a poor adaptation from the animated series, purely because this show is live action and it loses some of the animated appeal with that transition. There are moments however that make up for it being live action, as the writing is more witty and clever. Such as the incident when Arthur comes to terms by telling his family that he is a superhero with disastrous results.

There are no special features in the boxset, as this show was cancelled due to poor ratings. A shame really, as it will be enjoyed by fans of good comical writing.
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