Back to Futurama - The Second Season

Bender, Fry, and Leela return as the crew of the Planet Express in the second season of Futurama. If you thought the first season was whacky, wait till you see this one.

Futurama tells the story of Fry, a young pizza delivery boy who gets sent a thousand years into the future. There he meets a one-eyed alien spaceship pilot, Leela, and a suicidal, perpetually drunk robot, Bender.

Season 2 isn’t drastically different from the previous one, but in some cases – particularly in terms of story and acting – it is much better. The characters are all given interesting hooks and the stories are more complex and funnier. The Star Trek inspired episode Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love? is a special treat, and is an opportunity for Dr Zoidberg to shine.

Another hilarious episode features the idiotic Zap Brannigan and his sidekick Kiff in Brannigan, Begin Again. The duo is ousted from their positions and forced to work with at the Planet Express. Brannigan, with his constant advances towards Leela, is always amusing in whatever he says or does.

Anthology of Interest I is by far the best episode of the series. It has three distinct stories in the space of 22 minutes, giving the viewer a feeling of having seen three whole episodes in one. The special features are nothing special really, besides the commentary on each episode by the script-writers and actors.

Futurama is probably the best animation show in a long time. Dare I say that it is far better than the Simpsons. It is guaranteed to give viewers a few laughs along with an interesting ride through the world of an imagined future.
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