From the Earth to the Moon - A Review

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There are very few wonders of the 20th century that continue to amaze us in this day and age. Man’s journey to the moon is one of them. HBO’s mini series From the Earth to the Moon looks at this journey from its very inception. Based loosely on the book by Andrew Chaikin, the series has a cast of epic proportions whose stories span the generation of the infamous space race.

The series starts off with a setback against the United States it is 1961 and Yuri Gregarian is the first man in space. Inspired and urged by the words of John F. Kennedy, the team at NASA was determined to achieve the target of putting a man on the moon by the end of that decade. We’re shown that every person on the team, from the contractors, subcontractors to even the wives of the astronauts, played an important role on putting a man on the moon. Perhaps the highlight of this series is the episode, Mare Tranquilitatis, the sixth episode in the series; we see Neil Armstrong (portrayed brilliantly by Tony Goldwyn) and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin (Bryan Cranston) make their journey into history books, and of course we get to see the infamous “small step” and the “giant leap” on the moon.

This series comes with behind the scene features, including a special introduction to each episode by Tom Hanks (the executive producer of the series), and commentaries on selected episodes. So sit back, relax and enjoy the journey From the Earth to the Moon.

(This review was originally published in the January 07, 2007 Edition of Dawn Images)
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