Getting Lost Again. Lost Season Two Review.

In the last season of Lost, a lot had happed. Lives were lost, trust was lost, and the only thing that the survivors of the Oceanic Flight 815 were left with was hope.

The second season opens with the discovery of what lies behind the hatch –– the discovery that the island isn't really what it appears to be. The survivors have already realised that there are "others" on the island. Just what the "others" are is something even the survivors are not sure of. The original cast has returned and this time, though we are familiar with what they have been through, we do not know who they are. Individual past stories continue to reveal shocking and sometimes outrageous twists. And then there is the meeting with the "others."

Giving too much information would spoil the show in this review, but this much is true: there are few series that keep you on the edge and with this show, you will find that there is no edge, because even the edge is lost.

Another feature in this show — something that other shows lack — is the soundtrack. Also labelled as incidental soundtrack, pieces of music are tailored to the moments of the scene, rather than to the characters. Because the characters are so rich anyway, the focus of the music shifts to the moments, particularly the twists and cliff hangers.

The boxset is again loaded with goodies. Behind the scene features, special documentaries, plus special commentaries on selected episodes. There is so much to view that you will only end up getting Lost.

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