Casino Royale - The Score

Bond is back! After a four-year hiatus, 007 hit the big screens last year much to everyone’s delight. And following the movie, the score was released and achieved equal success with fans and critics alike. This is composer David Arnold’s fourth venture into the Bond-verse, along with his regular collaborator and conductor, Nicholas Dodd. And while Bond was dramatically re-worked and re-booted for Casino Royale, the soundtrack isn’t any different from the previous Bond scores.

Arnold captivates action as we find out in African Rundown and Fall of a House in Venice by not only mimicking the pace on-screen but by also using native percussions in African Rundowns. If you are just listening to the soundtrack and not watching the movie, you know that this is taking place in Africa. Intricacies like these add a whole new aspect to each track, capturing the moments on-screen, yet individually emanating a unique element of their own. This soundtrack encompasses nearly all of the classic Bond moments — from the action, the cars, the gadgets to the lighter moments — making it an overall decent score.

One thing that it does lack, which I was hoping they would add, is the Chris Cornell track, You Know My Name. Instead, it was released as a separate single, a shame really because it is a worthy track especially in a James Bond album. Only hardcore Bond enthusiasts or score fanatics would appreciate this album, which is quite good.
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