Ganda banda, two girls and a guitar.

With their album and video being talk of the town, musicians Zeb and Haniya are hardly staying quiet. Teaming up with director / musician Babar Shaikh they’re already working on a follow up video to Aitebaar.

“The girls approached me because they had seen what I had done with Paheliyan (by Mauj). It was something different, very vibrant and colourful.”

The director has a knack of envisioning unique and stylistic videos, while his last offering was taking Mauj for a haircut; he has a very interesting idea up his sleeve for the dynamic girl duo. “I’m going to be directing the video to Chup. It’s going to be quirky, funny and different. A sort of sarcastic look on the materialistic views society has these days.”

Babar went on to say that they’re hoping to shoot first week of August — with Muneeb Nawaz doing the details on styling and wardrobe — and then roll out the video soon after

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