Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles Season One

Sarah Connor Chronicles 04Image by Nick Slide via FlickrAn often overlooked aspect of the Terminator franchise is the fact that the story is about a mother and her son. It deals with the mother's determination, against all odds, to save her son's life.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles tells the story of Sarah Connor (Lena Headey) as she desperately tries to save the life of her son and the savior of humanity's future, John Connor (Thomas Dekker). Series creator Josh Friedman saw over 300 actresses for the role. He described character was someone "who embodied that spirit and who was believable in that role and not just some dolled up, Hollywood, actressy thing." Headey, an English actress, was known for her tough roles (she also starred in the film 300) and was excited about the part. What Terminator series would be complete without a terminator cyborg not on the side of the humans? Summer Glau portrays a terminator model sent back in time by Conner himself to protect him and his mother. Glau is no stranger to action or science fiction, having previously starred in the TV show Firefly and its movie, Serenity.

The first season opens shortly after the events of the second movie, Sarah and her son John are now living a relatively peaceful life with new identities. But all that peace is shattered as they are discovered by yet another Terminator from the future. Here's when Cameron (Summer Glau) steps in to save the day. Most of season one deals with Sarah, John and Cameron trying to find and destroy the computer which will eventually become Skynet. And it all ends in a season cliffhanger, when it seems that the computer is lost and Cameron apparently destroyed.

Season one, comprised of nine episodes (cut short by the writer's strike), is now out to buy.
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