This is has been described and even marketed as I think, as the other Facebook movie. Whereas we knew how The Social Network would end, Catfish keeps the audience guessing and hooked scene after scene. I guess the best way to describe this is "What if Jackass were a cerebral shockfest?" They would call it Catfish.

What's the story? Yaniv Schulman is a mild-mannered photographer from New York. He gets one of his pictures published in a newspaper and then a woman contacts him on Facebook.  That's all I'm talking about regarding the story, suffice to say that this documentary looks at online relationships in a stark manner. I can tell you that the best moment in the documentary comes when we actually find out why it was named Catfish—and that's when everything falls into place. But given the nature of Catfish and its subject matter, you can't help but question what you've just seen. Was it all real? Did that just really happen? And that's why this is much better than I'm Still Here. This is definitely one to watch.

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