Finally, something much close to my heart: Comics. And not just any comics, but DC Comics. Narrated by Ryan Reynolds (star of the upcoming Green Lantern movie) the documentary begins before the beginning and takes us all the through the different stages, people, characters in the life of DC Comics. We find out how comics became an established medium and ultimately how comics evolved through the different ages, The Golden Age and The Silver Age. But not just any comics, the focus of this documentary is DC Comics. You can only appreciate that fact when you're a fan of DC Comics and have been so for quite some time.  The really awesome aspect is the interviews with people like Bob Kane, Jerry Siegel Joe Shuster, Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, and many, many more.

Personally, two people I was shocked to see in this documentary; Mark Waid and Alan Moore. I would have thought these are two writers that would never be seen taking their stuff to DC Comics ever again. But I guess Mr Waid is too much of a fanboy to resist, the moment he starts talking about comics, particularly DC, anything and everything else doesn't matter anymore. Not so with Mr Moore, who is known for his disdain of everything DC Comics. So much so that Mr Moore doesn't even want his names to appear on the movies made from his comics. So how is he featured in this documentary? Through old interviews and footage of course! Clever, Warner Brothers. Very Clever.  Overall, the documentary is truly a love letter to DC Comics. Sure, even I have my own issues with DC Comics, but to see all those people gush over the characters, the stories and the comics, it re-kindles the love for them all, no matter how much recent editors and writers have complete shafted the DCU. Must-watch for all comicbook fans.

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